Artist Profile

About Juliana Cervantes

Born in San Antonio, TX, Juliana Cervantes is an active fine artist, studying figure drawing and painting. Her work includes abstract subject matter, realism, and sometimes surrealism. Her style ranges because of her admiration for experimentation and for different mediums. As a child, she began drawing at the age of four and created her first watercolor painting in kindergarten. As a middle schooler, she drew her friends and loved ones as cartoons because of her love for anime art styles. In high school, she took her work to a more serious level and competed in art competitions, including VASE and the Reflections Arts Program. In college, she started to pursue the art of animation and 3D modeling, but she realized that she was more passionate about traditional art. From the University of Texas at Dallas, she transferred to the University of North Texas to pursue her goal of becoming a studio art major. She focused on improving her technical skills as much as possible and began to integrate social and spiritual themes into her work.

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