Important Links

These links include my social media pages and artists that I find inspiring. I'm the most active on Instagram and Twitter. I post my most recent artworks and projects on Instagram, and I post extra work on Twitter. I sell my original artworks on Depop, an online shopping app made for fashion and style. Once I have a larger collection of original paintings and prints, I will move my art shop to Etsy in 2021. 


My instagram page includes artworks that have not been featured on my website or other projects that I'd love to share. It includes drawings, paintings, sculpture, and collage work.


The UNT College of Visual Arts and Design website includes information about the school and its wide variety of degree plans and opportunites for art students.

UNT Galleries

The UNT Galleries page features information about the galleries that are around the campus, such as Voertman's, Oak Street Hall Gallery, and the Union Gallery.

Personal Blog

My personal blog features more information about my art, my animation creations from UTD in 2016-2018, and assignments that I've completed from college classes.


My art shop! I sell original paintings, sculptures, sketchbook paintings, greeting cards and more on this site. Soon this shop will transfer to Etsy.


Connect with me on Twitter. I love to connect with other artists on this platform and update others with my painting projects and art process.

UNT Galleries

This website has information about the Galleries that UNT has to offer for people who are interested, including the UNT Art Gallery, the Paul Voertman Gallery, the Oak Street Hall Gallery and more.

Laura Browers

Another talented digital artist that has a growing audience on Instagram. Her drawings are cartoon-like, but they also have a sense of realism because of the real-looking faces and bodies that she can create.

Martin Campos

A professional artist that I discovered through Instagram. His art focuses on the human form. His drawings incorporate charcoal and pastels onto paper to create color and mass.

Lisa Hanawalt

The production designer and producer of the Netflix show, Bojack Horseman. Her drawings and cartoons caught my eye on her Instagram feed. They represent animals as if they are humans, with thoughts, feelings, and dreams.

Jamison LeBlanc

An important person that helped me in my college experience. He was my painting professor at UNT, and he guided his students with patience, care, and inspiration. Check out his Instagram here.